Feb 24, 2012

Who Am I, Being A Gemini

Posted by Goldi on Feb 24, 2012 at 10:17 AM
This is actually a republished post, but i'm tweaking it so it's actually kinda new :).

I am not really a believer of horoscopes but curiosity got me and I don't think it would hurt to know, so I checked out that personality traits that describes my sign, the Gemini and here's what I got:

from Google images
People born between May 21 and June 20 fall under the astrological sun sign of Gemini. Symbolized by twins, this third sign of the zodiac is ruled by Mercury. Gemini is a masculine, mutable, Air sign. The Gemini-born are highly intellectual, love change, and love to talk.
Wow.. highly intellectual. I feel intelligent, LoL! I am not sure about this "highly" intelligent thing but I did get above average results in exams I've taken before and I don't really know how much my IQ is but personally and with all modesty, it would be an overstatement for myself. I know I am not dumb, but I don't think I am highly intelligent either. The love change, maybe. Love to talk, I do if it's sensible. I don't really want to talk of it's nonsense.

People born under the sign of Gemini love to converse. They spend a lot of time on the phone, sending emails, and chatting with people they may or may not know personally. They love to ask questions because they have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They are likely to gain information from a wide variety of sources. An encyclopedia is just as good as a co-worker who is recounting gossip from a recent tabloid.
So true! Me na me! Except for the gossip part. I avoid that because it's bad (duh). But honestly, I'm still all ears even if it's just gossip. I just stop it there though. If it's gossip, I don't share.

Gemini is an intellectual sign. They tend not to live in the emotional realm, though friends still trust their advice in emotional matters. A Gem loves to discuss emotions because they love to talk. However, a Gem doesn’t see any real need for the emotions in general. In love, a Gem will seem very romantic, but has no problem talking themselves out of love quickly. After all, the idea of love and romance is so much more appealing than the real thing.
True again! I am not really the emotional type, but I'm ready to share my ears, shoulders. And in my observation, friends do ask my advice in emotional matters. I think it's because it's particularly helpful in seeing things in the non-emotional way. Gives a different perspective.

The Gemini's love of communication and their vast knowledge makes them great with people. Quite often, a Gem will use his or her people skills to persuade others. Yes, the Twins have the gift of influence. Think of the one thing you absolutely don’t need. Spend some time with a Gem and you’ll probably walk away thinking you absolutely need to have it and now! If ever there was a sign that could sell the Brooklyn Bridge, it is Gemini.
True on occasion, but I'm not really a salesperson type. I am typically timid but I do can influence people once a conversation is started. I did notice I can have convincing powers even if it's not intentional. Like I can just tell a friend about some item that I really love, then find out later on that they would eventually own one too. I think people with these characteristics would make good product reviewers, though I don't think this is exclusive to Geminis. But maybe, this is especially common or standing out to them.

Gemini loves change and variety. A Gem will become bored and restless if stuck in the same place or situation for too long. Gems love freedom and traveling to different countries. They find true joy in the journey. They also love working on multiple tasks, usually leaving them all unfinished. They lack the focus to complete one assignment. Instead, they spread their energy out over as much as they can. People born under the Twins actually love to have more than one of everything in their lives, not just jobs. This includes careers and lovers. After all, "twin" means "two".
Text in bold letters emphasized on purpose, because I do have them. That trait is really annoying but just because it's something that is common for a Gemini, I will just tolerate them? No. I am determined to wipe it out, with God's help of course because only in Him I can do all things because He gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). Besides, I said I don't believe in horoscopes. You define what you are. Not any kind of horoscope or whatevers. I do love to travel, but not something I am crazy about, and I don't love having more than one of the same thing that much unless there's a need, and of course, definitely not loving having two lovers.

The Twins are adaptable and versatile, which comes in handy since they have that love of change. They love to be around many different kinds of people. Often the Gemini-born are drawn to the arts, such as theatre or creative writing. Many famous writers and performers were born under Gemini, such as William Butler Yeats, Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Johnny Depp.
Hah! I do love to be around different kinds of people because it fascinates me, but not to be the center of attention. I tend to be more like a wallflower. I can say I'm versatile, but I am actually having a hard time adapting to change, especially at work.

Gems are lively and energetic, with a witty sense of humor. They are usually trendy, loving to take part in the latest fad. Trends offer them endless change, and a Gem is usually bored with one fad by the time the next rolls along.
Definitely not a fashionista, if this is what this description implies. I personally think it's a luxury I can't afford but I might be if I can. I do believe I have a witty sense of humor. Does sarcasm count as witty? :D

Though highly intellectual, Gems aren’t known for their deep understanding of anything. Instead, a Gem usually gets to know a little about something and then becomes bored. They grasp the initial information about a subject quickly, and then move on. They become frustrated if those around them do not absorb information as fast as they do because that means they must spend longer on one subject than they would prefer.
I beg to disagree! This is not me :D I actually have the tendency to linger on a subject that interests me and not as fickle as what this description says. And I love sharing information in detail so the impatience on some people not being able to grasp the idea right away is also not true.

Though Gems are usually seen as upbeat, they do have an "evil-twin". Though only revealed to those closest to them, Gems can be moody and discouraged. They often become sarcastic when upset.
Ahehehehehehe... no comment.

Well, I was surprised to find out that almost everything it said was true, at least in my own opinion, and I do believe that no one can know more about you than yourself, aside from God of course. This may serve as a guide for the things that one already know, and I find it amusing to see how they were able to point some traits that I don't notice before, but again, horoscopes don't define an individual. You are what you think you are :).

How about you? Does your sign exactly points and describes what your traits are?


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hello gemini friend.
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