Feb 21, 2012

Bare Naturals Order #2

Posted by Goldi on Feb 21, 2012 at 4:45 PM
Just did my second time purchase with Bare Naturals. Yay! BTW, I have already received my initial orders and have actually already started using some of them but I haven't had the chance to blog about it yet because I've got piled up to dos--because I'm a big time procrastinor! Gotta change that attitude or it will drag me down. Hays.

This time, I decided to get their much raved Softest Focus Flat Top Brush which is currently selling at Php419.
Image from http://barenaturals.multiply.com

I've been reading it's a dupe of a kabuki brush from some well known brand. I don't have much idea about that though because this is going to be my first make up brush ever. I've bought a cheaper set from Watsons, I think it's Ever Bilena brand but I didn't get the chance to use them because they've gone missing when I finally found a need for them. I also decided to get this brush because I don't have anything to use for my Illumiglow Setting Powder from my previous order. In fact I still haven't used it until now since when I got it last February 10.

Then to save for shipping and since I was not able to get my order Face Perfector pimple concealer last time, I decided to include a sample size of their recommended alternative, the Ultimate Concealer. Their description on their website made me get this:

Our ultimate Concealer has aded pure PEARL, known to improve the skin and help prevent pimples.

Due to the strengh of pure pigments you only need a very small amount for coverage.

Their Ultimate Concealer is more expensive than the Face Perfector and is in powder form. Face Perfector sells at php138 for a 2.5g balm pot from their Multiply site or php158 in a 4gms stick. But unfortunately the lighter shade is no longer available. The darker shade is still available though. The Ultimate Concealer on the other hand costs php135 for a 1g sample size. The next size is 2.5g pot for Php215. I want to try it out first so I got the 1g pot for a start, to see if this is would go well with my skin.

As for the products I initially got, I am going to make separate reviews for each (hopefully). I got so inspired with other product reviewer bloggers and I get a lot of help from them so i might as well join them and help others too. Until then :).

Now who already got all these stuffs that I'm getting from Bare Naturals? Would appreciate if you can share your experiences too. ^_^. God bless!



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