Feb 3, 2011

Makeup Went Wrong

Posted by Goldi on Feb 3, 2011 at 10:09 AM
I went to a debut of a close friend in church last Saturday, January 29, held at Vivere Hotel in Alabang. Since it's a special and kind of formal event, I needed to dress up, and that includes dressing up my face too. I am not used to having makeup in my face and when I was younger--I really didn't like putting on makeup but as I grew older, I realized this is a necessity for girls or women. I actually hated the idea of putting on makeup before but later on realized that there will be times I will not have a choice. I need to wear makeup specially during special events.

So as I was saying, I went to this debut and had to wear makeup. We were running late and so I didn't have much time to have options. I have a friend with me and the idea of spending thousand bucks on makeup for a one night event which is only a debut (buti sana kung awards night at bibigyan kami ng award at madaming paparazzi, we can probably get away with spending 1500 php--this is at Bench Fix--with just hair and makeup) so we went out to scout for a cheaper salon that will be able to do our hair and makeup right away... inside Festival Mall. Talk about not having much option while under time constraint.

We found Freshaire as the one who offers the cheapest hair and makeup in that mall, where makeup is done for only 200 pesos and hair, 400 pesos. However, we had to wait for about an hour before they do us and we no longer have much time so we headed to the next cheapest salon available--Going Straight. They do hair and makeup and hair is priced depending on the length. My friend and I have the same hair lengths, and they priced us almost Php 900 for hair and makeup.

We had our hair and makeup done there because they're able to take us in right away, sabay pa kami. It was a guy who did our hair and makeup and he's only one so while I wait for my turn 'cause he did my friend first, I went to get dressed. He made sure he did everything fast because we're running late and it took me some time to get dressed so when I went back, he's almost finished with my friend. My turn came and he did my makeup first, following the hair. Masyado yata nagmamadali si kuya, he forgot to apply foundation on my face. He did my eye makeup because that is the most challenging and complicated part of my face--or with any girl naman yata kasi it's where most of the colors go. So blend blend... with layer after layers of colors and here's what I got:

eye makup went wrong

That's me with the hair done na din. My hair almost went wrong too because initially, he did a cobra style daw tawag dun, to me it looked like I rode an open windowed jeep running at 150kph speed, with my hair not coming back to its place after. So I told him just raise my top a little and pull half of my hair back. I so didn't like everything talaga but sorry for me, I don't have a choice.

Yes--I went to the party looking like that. I just tried to carry it as much as I can but really, I was very disappointed. And we're late. I still had fun in the party. I don't want to ruin my night with that, though it made a big part in the event. The theme of the party is MTV style nga pala and I was trying to look like a korean pop star, which was an epic fail.

This is a lesson learned for me. And because of this, I've been watching makeup tutorials for asian eyes in Youtube. My eyes are a challenge because I have hooded lids--I have double lids but when my eyes open, the crease hides under, making my eyes look like I have mono lids or no lids at all. My eyes don't have definition or depth. It's very flat, like the typical asian eyes. And it's small, and chinky, and my brows are very high. Hirap makeup-an.

I saw in the tutorials that I'm going to need to use a lot of color talaga, even if I just want to create a simple look. I hope to learn to do my own makeup in the future to save me from spending a lot of money for something that will just extremely disappoint me after.


Jackie Paraiso said...

k lang yan sis... later on you will learn how to do it... I do my own make-up and I love it because I know what I want and how should I look. ☺

grace said...

Hahahahaha.. beautiful ka pa rin ... God bless u sis!

avatarlady said...

Sorry to butt in, but that make-up is perfect for the beach. =)

Clavel said...

It's ok dear, you will get over it LOL...folowing your blog.

Simply Me said...

thanks to you all great and lovely ladies :). God bless you!


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