Feb 10, 2012

Bare Naturals Order #1 Arrival

Posted by Goldi on Feb 10, 2012 at 4:20 PM
So I now got my first order with Bare Naturals! Yey!

This how it arrived

my orders: the Emu Oil Plus, Skin Perfecting Primer, & Illumiglow Setting Powder with the freebies

free samples of the Obuasi soap, Kabuki Fairness, and Dollface Cheenee blush
Of course I got very excited when I received them, I wanted to try the Emu Oil Plus right away because I currently have a cystic pimple which is the reason why I ordered this product. It had a lot of raves on how effective it is at drying pimples so I told myself I should give it a try and today's the perfect time to try it. But since I haven't taken a bath yet and my face is not yet clean and I will be taking a bath in a few minutes, I decided to use it later.

So there. Overall, my first time ordering with Bare Naturals is good. I can't say it's a great experience because of the delays, but given it a good because I didn't mind and it was compensated by how nice they dealt with me. I am actually planning to order from them again.

To check out how everything went during the my first time order experience, click here.



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