Feb 24, 2012

Bare Naturals Order #2 Arrival. Yay!

Posted by Goldi on Feb 24, 2012 at 3:25 PM
My purchase is finally here! I got excited, like I'm receiving a gift. I always do when I have a package even if it's something I bought. I think it's because packages are sealed and you don't get to see the item in person until you open the parcel.

So as I said in my previous post, this time I decided to get my first make-up brush from them, and this is also my first time to try on a mineral powder concealer. Here are the photos.

BN Flat Top Brush with free jute pouch, BN Ultimate Concealer,
and free sample of Micropeel Blue Beauty Bar

The brush came with a free pouch, but it's not something that comes with it automatically. When you purchase in their multiply site, you have to indicate "with free jute pouch" so that the pouch will be sent with it. As for the free soap, I actually appreciate it but there are other soaps that I would like to try and I did indicate in my order form that it's the sample I want to get but that's not what I got. They probably overlooked it. Still disappointing though.

The Softest Focus Flat Top Brush on the palm of my hand
I got this item because of the raves and since this is my first time, of course I would like my first experience to be good. Afterall, I have helpful info I can get from the internet (thanks to all the beauty bloggers out there) so I used that to scout for something worth trying, and I did not regret it. What these beauty bloggers are raving about this brush are true! The product lives up to its name--SOFTEST.

It's so soft!
I immediately felt the product in my fingers and it's indeed soft. I poked it in my face, in my arms, brushed the bristles through with my fingers, even poked my lips with it. It's so soft! Like a really soft fluffy stuffed animal.

I was already able to touch/feel cheaper brushes and this really gave me a different experience. It's not itchy nor scratchy, it's not hard. It doesn't prick my skin unlike the cheap ones that I tried, though I was only able to try very few. That's why I didn't bother to buy. I know if I just tested more, I might've found something soft and yet is cheap, but I don't have the time to do all that. So again, thank God for reviews :). Not a fan of the yellow handle though. It's flat and close to the color of mustard. Not a big deal anyway. What's more important is the part that will touch my face, and that's the brush.

As for the Ultimate Concealer, I have no comments about it yet until I use it. It looks normal when it arrived I guess. Hehehe.
Bare Naturals Ultimate Concealer in Linen.
The 1gm pot is so small, but I think it's just right for trying/testing

The package also came with a flyer to a Supersale Bazaar that's going to be held at the World Trade Center on March 2 to 4. Presenting it at the entrance will give one 20% discount in the entrance fee.
Supersale Bazaar flyer with 20% discount on entrance fee
I got excited and was thinking of crashing there with my girl friends so I immediately checked the calendar if it doesn't go in the way of my work days, check! Unfortunately, we have a re-encounter that we're going to attend and that is much more important to me than this bazaar. So I'll probably just go some other time.

I'm excited to use my new beauty loots and quench the thirst of my budding kikay side, but I think I have to give my brush its first bath first before I let it touch my problematic face (because I'm acne prone). As with the concealer, I probably would use my fingers for the mean time. I am currently on the search for a good buy brush set (talaga naman kaartehan). For now, I'm happy I'd finally be able to try my Illumiglow Setting Powder.

I am hoping I could share my experience with these products to help other shoppers out there. Until then. :)



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