Nov 7, 2011

Smart Sucks.

Posted by Goldi on Nov 7, 2011 at 10:18 AM
I am talking about the SMART telecom service. I tried to use their promo SMARTalk Lite 15 as I need to reach a few loved ones to check if they'd be able to come on my wedding. SMARTalk Lite 15 gives unlimited calls from 1am to 11am to all Smart networks. So I registered this morning, and thinking this saves me a lot of money because I can get to talk to them without worrying about per minute charges and I have until 11am pa to do that. I got the confirmation at 8:48 AM, which still gives me 2 hours plus a few more minutes to call any of them in the province.

So I immediately dialed at once. Instruction says use prefix *6402 + the smart number you're calling. I did that. But.. IT DOESN'T CONNECT. The heck. It's now 10:03 AM and I am still not able to talk to a single Smart subscriber I am trying to reach. The call gets cut off even before it's connected. I don't even hear a "your call cannot be completed" nor "all lines are busy now" message. Now I'm frustrated. 15 pesos gone to Smart's pocket without me being able to use even a few seconds of their service.

I am still not sure though if they start counting from 1 AM the next day from the day you registered, but it doesn't make much sense. I know the service usually gets activated from the time you registered it and ends at exactly how many hours it said it's valid, not until what time their promo is effective. For this instance, mine's going to end at exactly 8:48 am tomorrow. But it doesn't make much sense if I am able to register now but not able to use the service if I'm still well within the time their unlicall promo is active. Globe works that way so all along I thought it should be the same for all networks. I still have to see if it works the other way but if it's not, Smart will prove themselves to be a  money-hoarding company with extremely crappy services. This is not the first instance my Smart load was gone for nothing. That's the very reason why I don't use my Smart sim that much anymore. Mahal na nga mga promo nila, anlakas pang kumain ng load. Dugas!

I hope the people from Smart gets to read this. I might just be a prepaid user but you know, if your services are excellent, I could actually consider getting a postpaid plan and you'd get my money permanently and on a regular basis. But no thank you na lang.

Update: I was not able to use the service, not a single minute or second call. Crap talaga.


Anonymous said...

Same here. I've availed their UNLI100, though I can call, after the call reached their airtime threshold of 7 mins, it will end. It's not a problem, the problem is when you try to call again, it will now be busy even though the person on the other line doesn't have any attended call. You'll have to wait a long time and you have to redial again and again and again. In my count, I must have redialed more than 30 times before it gets through. If you're lucky(sarcasm), you could reach 50 or more. And the cycle repeats. It's really frustrating. You're spending lots of money just for that crappy service. TALK100 is much better than UNLI100 though that service was already been terminated that's why I'm forced to use this one. Though it doesn't have unlimited text, most of the call goes through and the services lasted for 5 days, unlike this other crappy service only 4 days and you'll have to wait an eternity to make successive phone calls. Already pondering on switching to other networks.

goldi said...

Hi there. Thanks for sharing your experience. Indeed very frustrating, that's why I use my Globe number most often. And that served as a warning for me to think s lot first before using their promos. Kainis talaga no? Thank you ulet sa pag-share :). Have a nice day


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