Feb 26, 2011

Reading with Dry Eyes

Posted by Goldi on Feb 26, 2011 at 11:27 AM
The book with my marker & used Bible on top of my laptop
I am currently reading the book When God Writes Your Love Story and I'm already halfway through it. It was lent to me by Shy, kasama ko sa Yuppies. I've started reading it 2 weeks ago before I fall asleep and I was actually not making much progress with that--Ive just moved to about 3-5 pages. So This morning, when I woke up early, I decided to sit on it as I rest my eyes from excessive staring at the computer monitor. My eyes were at random times feel burning pains which causes me to get teary eyed even when I'm not really crying. At times, I can't even open my eyes, I had to shut them for a while to be soothed by the tears it produced. And I seriously think wetting it with cold water would just make it worse. I've read somewhere in the internet that what I am having are symptoms of dry eyes.

So after reading that article from Wikipedia, I've realized I am not resting my eyes at all. Hehehe. Malamang may magagalit na naman sa 'kin nito sa katigasan ng ulo ko. But I feel that reading from a printed book is already a very welcome break for my eyes. I've been spending a great deal of time in front of the computer kasi. I'm about to take a bath pa naman in a few hours because I'm headed to a church friends' wedding this afternoon. And I have to perfectly polish our records to be ready for reporting by Monday. It gets really very hard for me when my procrastinator side kicks in. I want to kill it!

About the book, I find it full of insights. As I've mentioned, I'm still halfway through it. Had I have nothing up today, I can probably finish it in one sitting, because I find it very interesting. I had gone halfway through in a matter of 2-3 hours. It kind of helped me in knowing what to do with my own God written love story. The couple who wrote it were truly blessed, and I'm praying to God I'd have the same kind of relationship with my future husband. I know God will take care of it.

I'm planning to write a review and a summary of the parts or lines in the book that had the most impact on me, or those that I was able to identify with. I do hope though that I'd be able to do it. It would be great if I'd be able to share what I learned from the book, and for me to keep a record of what I learned as well.

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.
~Chinese proverb


Diamond R said...

sa title pa lang ng book nakakainspire na ito.I'm looking forward sa mga ibabahagi mo sa amin.

Hinahangaan ko ang mga babaing may malalim ng convection about spirituality. Sila ang kailangan ng mga kalalakihan sa mundong ito.

simply pochi said...

hello :)
i do love your thoughts :)
i actually just finished reading that same book last month. 'twas very helpful to me :)

anyway, i'm just new in blogging .. hope u can visit my site,too :)tnx


Sey said...

Hi:) I think this is a great book. It seems like God is giving me a hint or rather wanted me to realize something. Lahat ng mapuntahan kong blog confess their love for HIM and this is what I ma looking for.

Kamusta naman ag wedding? hahaha! take good care of your eyes.

Clavel said...

Hey sis! guess what? I just gave you stylish blogger award! claim it will yah?

Sendo said...

i haven't read that..pambabae lang ba yan? ahw haha... ^^ maiba naman....basahin mo rin yung DUG DOWN DEEP by joshua harris ^^ it's his latest book

nash :-) said...

hello, natapos ko na yang book nayan, sobrang ganda :-) and right now I can say that I am happy that I let God write my love story...I am even inspired to make a blog about it...if you have time you can check it...btw followed your blog as well.


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